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Damascus car bomb shatters Syria truce

BEIRUT - Powerful car bomb explodes in Damascus and forces

loyal to Bashar al-Assad clash with rebels across Syria as truce

intended to mark Muslim religious holiday unravels and activists

report at least 70 deaths (SYRIA-CRISIS/(WRAPUP 7), moved, pix,,

tv, by Dominic Evans, 1,006 words)

Hurricane Sandy slogs toward U.S., kills 34 in Caribbean

NASSAU - Slow-moving Hurricane Sandy, late-season Atlantic

storm unlike anything seen in more than two decades, slogs

toward U.S. East Coast after killing at least 34 people on path

of destruction across Caribbean (STORM-SANDY/HURRICANE (UPDATE

2), movi ng shortly, pi x, tv, by Neil Hartnell, 1,069 words)

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Goldberg, 482 words)

In echoes of Obama, Romney seeks to adopt mantle of change

AMES, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

attempts to adopt mantle of change in economic speech in which

he vows to bring fresh start to Washington to generate stronger

job growth (USA-CAMPAIGN/, moved, by Sam Youngman, 663 words)

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Suicide bomber kills 40 at Afghan mosque during Eid

MAZAR-E-SHARIF - Suicide bomber kills at least 40 people in

mosque in Afghanistan's relatively peaceful north as worshippers

gather for holiday prayers, police officials say

(AFGHANISTAN-BOMB/(UPDATE 2), moved, tv, by Bashir Ansari, 460



U.S. consumers boost growth despite business caution

WASHINGTON - U.S. economic growth picks up in third quarter

as late burst in consumer spending and surprise turnaround in

government outlays offset first cutback in business investment

in more than year (USA-ECONOMY/ (WRAPUP 5), mo v ed, pix, by

Lucia Mutikani, 934 words)


Italy's Berlusconi sentenced to jail for tax fraud

MILAN - Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is

sentenced to four years in jail for tax fraud in connection with

purchase of broadcasting rights by his Mediaset television

company (BERLUSCONI-MEDIASET/ (UPDATE 3), moved, by Sara Rossi,

773 words)

Ex-Soviet summit postponed amid worries over Putin's health

MOSCOW/MINSK - Summit of leaders of ex-Soviet states

scheduled for start of November is postponed, official says,

amid talk that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from

back trouble (RUSSIA-CIS/SUMMIT, moved, pix, tv, by Gleb

Bryanski and Andrei Makhovsky, 452 words)

Anti-Putin opposition leader charged with plotting riots

MOSCOW - Russian investigators charge outspoken opponent of

President Vladimir Putin with plotting riots - allegedly after

conspiring with Georgian politician - in case rights activists

say is designed to suppress dissent (RUSSIA-OPPOSITION/ (UPDATE

1), moved, pix, tv, by Gabriela Baczynska, 482 words)

Greek opposition rejects new cuts but won't force poll

PARIS - Greece's opposition leader denounces international

lenders' demands as dealing "final blow" to devastated economy

but says he will not seek to bring down government

(EUROZONE-GREECE/TSIPRAS (INTERVIEW), moved, pix, tv, by Daniel

Flynn, 669 words)

"Rogue trader" weeps as tells court he acted for good of UBS

LONDON - Former UBS trader Kweku Adoboli weeps as he tells

jury that his "off-book" trading was done for benefit of bank

that meant everything to him (UBS-TRIAL/ (UPDATE 3), moved, by

Estelle Shirbon, 733 words)

Cycling-No winner for 1999-2005 Tours, says UCI

BERNE - Seven successive Tour de France races from 1999-2005

are officially declared without winners after International

Cycling Union decides nobody will replace disgraced Lance

Armstrong as champion (CYCLING-ARMSTRONG/ (UPDATE 2), moved, by

Brian Homewood, 744 words)


China starts formal criminal probe into Bo Xilai

BEIJING - China moves quickly to announce it formally

begins criminal probe of disgraced former senior politician Bo

Xilai, hours after expelling him from largely rubber stamp

parliament and so removing his immunity from prosecution

(CHINA-POLITICS/BO (UPDATE 3), moved, pix, by Ben Blanchard and

Sui-Lee Wee, 724 words)

Myanmar revises down death toll in sectarian violence

SITTWE, Myanmar - Authorities revise down to 64 number of

people killed in six days of unrest in western Myanmar, after

security forces open fire to break up violence between Buddhists

and Muslims (MYANMAR-VIOLENCE/ (UPDATE 2) moved, pix, 725 words)


Netanyahu's hard-right alliance could backfire in ballot

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's tie-up with

far-right coalition partner Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

could backfire by eroding their lead ahead of Israel's Jan. 22

ballot, poll says (ISRAEL-ELECTION/ (UPDATE 1), moved, by Dan

Williams, 600 words)

Bomb blast brings Lebanon's party capital to juddering halt

BEIRUT - Party capital of Arab world, Beirut is freewheeling

city where Gulf Arabs, expatriates and Lebanese émigrés fly in

to enjoy its luxury hotels. But under veneer of modernity lie

sectarian demons coiled to strike (LEBANON-CRISIS/CITY (INSIGHT)

moved, pix, by Samia Nakhoul, 1,113 words)