'Gangnam Style' making Psy a worldwide hit

November 11, 2012

SCRIPT: Riding it like a cowboy … and getting more famous by the day. The Korean pop star Psy drew a crowd of over 20 thousand people in Paris earlier this month. All there to see him perform his hit song "Gangham Style." The video went up on YouTube in July. Since, it's gone viral and become a worldwide success. "Gangnam Style" is second only to Justin Bieber's "Baby" in terms of Internet popularity. But the 34-year old isn't letting it get to his head. SOUNDBITE 1, Park Jae-Sang, aka Psy (English, 14 sec): "I didn't do anything. People hit YouTube. People find this music and they brought (it) to the world, not me. So I cannot say I made a success. They made a success." Psy is no newcomer to fame. He's a well known name in South Korea with six albums under his belt. But the Web helped him explode onto the international scene. SOUNDBITE 2, Alice Antheaume, Science-Po Paris (French, 19 sec): "It's very colourful. That's important for a medium that's passed around on the Web. It's also something that's parodied again and again by people who have tried to re-create it with a few variations. That also helped this image stick in the collective consciousness because it was seen again and again." Even the UN leader wanted to get in on the fun. The pop star is capitalising on all the attention. He plans to release an album next spring - bringing a collection of his former South Korean hits to the world. --------------------------------------- SHOTLIST PARIS, 5 NOV 2012 SOURCE: BFMTV / **NO RESALE FOR NON-EDITORIAL PURPOSES** -VAR of Psy performing for flashmob -VAR shots of YouTube showing Psy's "Gangnam Style" video PARIS, 6 NOV 2012 SOURCE: AFPTV -Psy coming out of press conference SOUNDBITE 1, PSY SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, 4 OCT 2012 SOURCE: AFPTV -Psy performing for flashmob SOUNDBITE 2, ALICE ANTHEAUME NEW YORK, 23 OCT 2012 SOURCE: UNTV, **NO RESALE FOR NON-EDITORIAL PURPOSES** -Psy showing Ban Ki-moon the pony dance from "Gangnam Style" PARIS, 5 NOV 2012 SOURCE: BFMTV /** NO RESALE FOR NON-EDITORIAL PURPOSES** -VAR of Psy performing for flashmob