UAE Federal Supreme Court fines hospital over negligence

The Federal Supreme Court has ordered a hospital and a doctor in the UAE to pay Dhs250,000 to the family of a man who died as a result of medical negligence.
Legal proceedings have gone back and forth, but the supreme court’s decision is now final. The victim’s family had filed a case against the hospital and the doctor, claiming the patient had not been given sufficient medication, insisting this had resulted in his death.
The family had also demanded Dhs250,000 in compensation.
The court of first instance convicted the hospital and doctor in the case and ordered that they collectively pay the compensation.
However, the verdict was overturned by an appeal court after the defendants fought the decision, saying they had no part in the patient’s death. The supreme court, however, overruled that decision and upheld the original ruling.
The court based its verdict on a report by a medical committee that confirmed there had been negligence on part of the hospital. The committee said that medics did not provide enough medicine for the patient despite the availability of the required drugs.
It was declared that this weakened his immune system and ultimately caused his death. It was not clear what disease the patient suffered from.

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