10 Ways to Lift Your Mood with Decor

November 29, 2012
room with relaxing decor
room with relaxing decor

Our mood is definitely affected by our daily stresses, so our only hope becomes finding peace and serenity at home. This is crucial when we are decorating and we have to remember to create a haven to relieve us from the stress of the outside world. Here are some tips to enhance your home’s ability to relieve your stress.

Start from the entrance

You have to start decorating from the entrance of the house, painting it with a uplifting colour such as white. For a refreshing look, add urns and plants beside the door. You could also add a relaxing rocking chair near the entrance, to welcome you from a hectic day.

Pay attention to lighting

One of the easiest ways to change the vibe in a room is to let more light inside. Natural light is no doubt the best, so open windows or veranda doors and let it lift your spirits. If you’re surrounded by skyscrapers you can exchange natural light for white light at night, decorating rooms with stylish light sources.

Let flowers stimulate your senses

Flowers have an exceptional effect on humans and can instantaneously fill a room with joy and romance. Add beautiful, scented flowers in a statement vase and watch it fill the room with an open aura. You can also add flowers to the dining room table to lift spirits.

Create a constant spring

You can maintain a spring-like feeling by using light ones and steering clear from dark ones. Light colors are also known for giving the illusion of a larger space, so make use of this for small spaces. They also enhance light in the room, so go for beige, light blue or light variations of your favourite colours.

Create an atmosphere of eye relief

Make sure you place furniture so it is not crowding your view and is easy on your eyes. This automatically relaxes us and we should shop for furniture and organise it with this in mind, as it has a large effect on how we feel.

Choose carpets carefully

Use floors as exhibitions of art. You can splash beautiful colours in a room, by adding an arty carpet. Various designs can remind us of seas, flowers, or natural settings. The different patterns you choose will take your mind off the daily stresses, relaxing you instantly.

Pump life through the house

Add a fish bowl in the reception, adding sea shells and some plants to it. You can also buy birds- parrots are good companions, and you can decorate their cage. Pets will breathe life into any home.

Fly with music

You can always change sight and smell, but don’t forget the auditory sense. Find a high quality sound system for your home and distribute it evenly throughout. Place the pieces so that they are in synchronisation with the décor of each room and relax to your favorite sonatas, especially if you can find the best tune for each mood.  

Decorate walls with memories

We all like looking at good memories and what reminds us of the beautiful moments. Adorn your walls with pictures of good memories of friends and family, lined in frames that compliment the style of your decoration. You could also frame diplomas or honorary degrees, as they could reignite hope in depressing times.


If your house is filled with useless items that crowd the hallways then you need to de-clutter. Enhance the space by replacing large furniture pieces with small ones. Don’t own two of the same item, electronics in particular are not useful in twos, so let go of the older model when you upgrade it. Same goes for newspapers and magazines. You can also donate old books to a public library. As for sentimental things like children’s games and clothes, just keep the ones with value, and discard or donate the rest.