10 fun family games

November 29, 2012
Family playing card games.
A family playing card games.

We can’t deny that games, whether online or offline, have a great capability to strengthen bonds and social abilities in groups. Friends and families can enjoy their time and enhance their communication if they utilize games correctly. Families who suffer from lack of communication and interaction can revive their relations by playing games.

On this note, here is a list of video games and board games to entertain you on a day off.


One of the most famous and best selling board games worldwide, it encourages players to accumulate wealth through a set of rules, enabling them to own property. The game stimulates the mind to bargain with other players until the winner can assume the greatest wealth.


This game, known to many as the “picture dictionary”, is great for a large gathering, whereas one would try to draw something for others to guess the object drawn. The game consists of a board with a dice and cards noting the items to be drawn. Each person represents a team, and should pull a card to begin drawing    for the competitive team to guess the item. The rules note that details such as numbers and letters are not allowed. The winning team reaches the final board step first.


This card game can have between four to ten players. Players are in two person teams; each player is dealt four cards and four are put in the middle of all the players. Players rotate exchanging cards with the ones on the table, in order to collect 4 similar cards. New cards are put on the table if the players don’t need the ones in a certain round. Each pair agrees to send a signal to each other when either has collected the same cards, to which the other will have to shout “Kent” to announce it. If other players figure out the signal or are able to track the cards collected by one player, they can sabotage the round by stating “Cut” and winning the round. The team with the most winning rounds wins.


This game is a learning game and can be played by two to four players. The Scrabble board has 100 slots, 98 of which have English letters. The two empty slots can replace any given letter. The players choose 7 letter words and compete by choosing the best letter combinations and best spots in the board.


The game is played using an elongated tile, rectangular in shape with a line down the center. Each end of the tile contains a number and players try to link the numbers up in the following manners:

Each player is given 7 tiles and the rest are put on the table for drawing. The starting player is the one who has tiles with the most number of identical pieces and he matches his pieces to ones on the table. Players line up identical numbered tiles along each other, and if there is no player with the number on the table, they draw from the stock on the table. The winner is the one who puts all his tiles on the table.

Electronic Games

Mass Effect 3

This group military strategy game can be played on Xbox Live and PlayStation. Players build up teams and weapons to fight battles and free various regions.

Mario Party 9

The Wii game is built around the idea of Mario and friends travelling to collect stars and money. After each round, the four players are meant to play “mini games” which can count up to 80, and the winner usually receives 10 money pieces. 

Skylanders Giants

This is one of the best adventure games available for Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3. The video game is accompanied by 40 real life shapes for the characters and eight for giant characters. Players choose from the given characters, and they appear on screen after being inserted into the “Portal of Power”. The instructions lead players into adventure, and the winner is the one with the highest collected points.

Need for Speed

Car racing fans will definitely enjoy the game Need for Speed and its different versions: Underground, Most Wanted and Underground 2. The game can be played online or on PlayStation. Players get to race in imaginary cities, crashing into police cars and stealing powerful vehicles. Whoever finishes the race before anyone else wins and gets bonus points for becoming the police’s most wanted driver.

Disney Epic Mickey 2

In this two person game, the famous Disney character Mickey Mouse tries to help Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to fight evil and gain points. The game is available for PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U. The new version is more updated with better designs, visuals and plots.