Mick Jagger's love letters to singer Marsha Hunt up for auction

Nov 9 (Reuters) - Love letters written by Rolling Stones

frontman Mick Jagger to American singer Marsha Hunt, discussing

poetry and his personal turmoil, will hit the auction block next


Hunt, with whom Jagger had his first child, Karis, told

Britain's Guardian newspaper she was selling the letters,

written in July and August 1969, because she had been unable to

pay her bills.

"I'm broke," Hunt, who lives in France, told the newspaper.

The Guardian said on Friday the 10 letters would be sold by

Sotheby's on Dec. 12.

The auction house values the letters from between 70,000 and

100,000 pounds ($111,000-$160,000).

Jagger wrote them to Hunt while filming the Tony Richardson

movie "Ned Kelly" in Australia.

They are described as showing a sensitive side of the

then-young singer, who wrote about the poetry of Emily

Dickinson, meeting author Christopher Isherwood and an

unrealized multimedia project.

Jagger's relationship with Hunt, who is African-American,

was kept under wraps until 1972.

"The sale is important," Hunt told The Guardian. "Someone, I

hope, will buy those letters as our generation is dying and with

us will go the reality of who we were and what life was."

Hunt has said she was the inspiration for the Rolling

Stones' song "Brown Sugar," which Jagger wrote while in


The rock star also cites in the letters the disintegration

of his relationship with singer Marianne Faithful, whom he was

also dating at the time, and the death of Rolling Stones'

guitarist Brian Jones.

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