Man shoots family then himself in Pakistan after returning from Dubai

Five members of a family were found shot dead at their residence in Pakistan, two days after they arrived in Karachi from Dubai.

It is suspected that the head of the family, Jawad Durrani, killed his wife and three children - and then committed suicide by putting a bullet in his head.

A senior Karachi police official told 7DAYS: “Durrani sent long emails to his friends telling them he intended to kill himself. He wrote that he was going to end his life because he was tired of the corrupt systems where he worked. He claimed that his employer was exploiting people in the name of Allah and he did not want to be a part of it.”

It is not clear whether the family were residing in the UAE or on a visit. “Durrani also said in his email that he believed his earnings were ‘haram’ and he did not want his children to go to hell by eating food bought with such money,” the police official said, adding that Durrani’s kids were aged 13, nine and one.

“There is enough evidence indicating that this was not a murder by an external party. It appears the man was mentally disturbed. However, we have sent the pistol and laptop recovered from the house to a forensic lab,” the official said.

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