Man jailed for filming housemates in shower

November 15, 2012

A man has been jailed for three months, after secretly filming housemates as they showered with a hidden camera in their bathroom, daily Gulf News reported on Wednesday.

The Dubai court convicted the defendant of breaching their privacy, modesty and molesting them by taking photos of them naked in the shower.

“I fixed the secret camera in the ceiling above the shower to observe how much water my housemates consumed while taking a shower,” Gulf News quoted the defendant as saying.

One of the housemates testified that she spotted the camera, after she noticed the defendant entering her bathroom, when she saw the camera she turned it off and then watched the footage on the attached USB device.

“When I looked up at the ceiling I noticed that there was a tiny button-like lens attached to a USB. I removed it and switched it off. I finished my shower and went to my laptop and plugged the USB into it. The device contained two recordings. One if then was of me having a shower… the other recording showed M.P. also. The beginning of the footage showed the suspect’s face. I called my friend and told her what I had discovered…,” Gulf News quoted the witness as saying.

“The court will confiscate the device and the USB that were used to store the footage,” the local paper reported Presiding Judge as saying.

The defendant will be deported after his term in jail.