LOS ANGELES, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Pop and rock music legends

bested their younger chart-topping competition on the concert

trail in 2012, according to data released on Friday by trade

publication Pollstar.

Pop matriarch Madonna, 54, led all competition, grossing

some $296.1 million in ticket sales in her 88-show world tour.

She topped Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band ($210.2

million) and Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters ($186.4 million).

The elder statesmen of the music world, while no longer

topping the charts or scoring radio hits, are doing well because

their older audiences can afford to pay higher ticket prices,

Gary Bongiovanni, Pollstar editor, told Reuters.

"Certainly the older acts charge more because they can get

away with it," he said.

The Rolling Stones were able to command an eye-popping

$529.51 average ticket price. Their five-show tour in November

and December grossed $35.5 million, good enough for No. 33 on

the list.

British rockers Coldplay were No. 4 on the list, taking in

$171.3 million. Lady Gaga placed fifth grossing $161.4 million

while at No. 6 Cirque Du Soleil's tribute to late King of Pop

Michael Jackson grossed $140.2 million during a 172-show tour.

Teen sensation Justin Bieber, who played a 35-show tour,

failed to crack the top 20, taking in $40.2 million, at No. 23.

Acts that cemented their reputations decades ago dominated

the top-grossing tours even while playing fewer shows.

Country stars Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw placed seventh

grossing $96.5 million in 23 shows, while heavy metal pioneers

Metallica were one spot lower at $86.1 million over 30 shows.

Some artists have been enticed to jack-up their own ticket

prices after seeing how much more re-sellers were able to

command, Bongiovanni explained.

"Now it's a matter of how much money can I make," he said.

"Some artists like Springsteen are very popular but if you look

at their average ticket price it's nowhere near Roger Waters,

Madonna and Lady Gaga."

The average face-value ticket price for a Springsteen

concert was $91.95, which was well below the $140.38 average for

Madonna and $110.96 for Roger Waters.

Eight separate Cirque Du Soleil shows appeared in the top

50, which did not include the circus company's non-traveling

shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere. All told, the Canadian company

may have earned close to $1 billion in gross ticket sales,

Bongiovanni said.

Elton John ($69.9 million) and Red Hot Chili Peppers ($57.8

million) rounded out the top 10.

(Reporting by Eric Kelsey, editing by Jill Serjeant)

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