Job listings in UAE, Saudi Arabia surge

Job recruitments are booming in the UAE with up to 15 % more jobs being advertised this year compared to last year, daily newspaper The National reported on Wednesday.

According to employment website, there has been an 11% rise in the number of positions being advertised in the UAE.

The report cites effects of the Arab Spring and the booming tourism industry in the Emirates as direct reasons behind such rise.

“To a large degree, we've seen the UAE be a [beneficiary] of the Arab Spring. People across the region are looking for a safe haven, a place to go on vacation and to spend whatever consumer dollars they have" The National quoted Rabea Ataya, the chief executive of as saying.
The retail and hospitality industries are hiring “quite aggressively”, although there are still relatively few opportunities in the construction, property and finance sectors, Ataya added.

"[Employment in] construction, compared to a few years ago, is still at far less healthy rates than it once was. The finance sector has also scaled down starting in 2009 and we haven't seen that sector rebound."
Panos Manolopoulos, the regional vice chairman at the executive search firm Stanton Chase International, said there has been a surge in the recruitment efforts of UAE companies in the first three quarters of this year.

“We have also seen an increase ...of around 10 to 15 %,” Manolopoulos was quoted as saying.

Manufacturing, engineering, consumer products and technology sectors were especially strong but banking and financial services sectors had yet to recover, he added.

In the first six months of this year, UAE employers posted about 10,500 jobs on, the report said.

Saudi Arabia has also seen an increase in job advertisements.

"Saudi Arabia has been extremely healthy for us, as has the UAE. The North Africa and Levant markets to us have been far less healthy this year. In Saudi Arabia we have seen a great increase in construction jobs, which has not been the case in the UAE," Ataya from was quoted as saying.

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