Ford hybrids fall short of fuel economy claims- Consumer Reports

DETROIT, Dec 6 (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co's C-Max and

Fusion hybrids fall about 20 percent short of their fuel economy

claims, Consumer Reports magazine said on Thursday, after

running real-world tests on both models.

The influential magazine said the Fusion hybrid delivered a

39 miles per gallon both on the highway and in city driving,

while the C-Max hit a combined 37 miles per gallon. Ford has

said both vehicles would command 47 miles per gallon.

"These two vehicles have the largest discrepancy between our

overall-mpg results and the estimates published by the EPA that

we've seen among any current models," Consumer Reports magazine

said in a blog post on its web site.

Ford was not immediately available for comment. But the

company has said it expects to see a wider range for fuel

economy on its new generation of hybrids because they are more

powerful. Drivers can consume more fuel when they take advantage

of the hybrids' higher performance.

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