Dubai fire victims get one month’s alternative accommodation

November 21, 2012
Tamweel tower residents
Tamweel tower residents

Residents of the Tamweel tower that was gutted by a massive fire on Sunday will be provided with a free one-month alternative hotel accommodation, UAE daily 7DAYS reported.

“It’s understood the building’s owners’ committee has insurance that pays out for displaced residents’ accommodation for 30 days,” 7DAYS quoted one of the residents as saying.

“We still do not know when we will be able to move back into our homes, but this helps a lot,” he added.

Watch video of the Tamweel tower on fire

Nonetheless, other tenants were dismayed by the fact that they were asked to pay for the hotel accommodation from their own money to claim it back later.

“I had to pay a sum of AED 10,000 in advance. Tamweel management will pay me back around AED 9,000 of those later, which means I’m already down AED 1,000,” Ryan Luis, a tenant at Tamweel who was offered accommodation at Gloria hotel apartments, said.

An investigation into the main cause of the fire is still ongoing, the report added.