Death penalty dilemma for family of domestic worker

January 2, 2013
Abu Dhabi courts complex
Abu Dhabi courts complex

The family of a domestic worker want to know how she died before deciding whether to waive their rights in a court case.
The Ethiopian maid’s Emirati boss has denied a charge of assault leading to death, saying she only beat the maid to make her a better cleaner.

The victim’s aunt appeared at Abu Dhabi Criminal Court this week. She said: “Her parents want to know how their daughter was killed before they make a decision on whether to waive their rights and accept blood money or seek the death penalty.”
The boss had told the court: “I only beat her up. I just wanted her to do the housework properly. I didn’t mean to hurt or kill her.”
Prosecutors said the maid was found dead in the bathroom of her employer’s home. A forensic report revealed the woman died from wounds she sustained during an assault.

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