Conmen rob AED 75,000 by hypnotizing Dubai man

September 13, 2012
Womens eye - looking forward.
Womens eye - looking forward.

Two conmen have allegedly lured a Dubai company manager into willingly giving them AED 75,000 ($20,400) by hypnotizing him, UAE weekly magazine XPRESS reported.

Syed Mohammad Ali Azam from Pakistan said that he was at his office on August 22 when two men introduced themselves to him as pious saints from Pakistan’s Pakpattan district and started a chat.

“The elder of the two asked me to hold a chit of paper in my clenched fist and make a wish. When I opened my fist the paper had turned into a red stone. I was astonished,” Azam was quoted as saying by XPRESS.

The pair then convinced Azam to take them to his house and bring out a box where he kept his savings, before asking him to hand them the money when he was driving them back, the report added.

“I couldn’t say no. It was as if they had put me in a hypnotic spell,” Azam was quoted as saying by XPRESS.

“I was not drugged or anything and yet like a fool I handed them all the money. They asked me to turn around and take 11 steps without looking back and I obliged.”