Colombian peace talks moving at 'a good pace': FARC

Peace talks between the Colombian government and leftist FARC rebels are progressing at a "good pace," a guerrilla delegate said on the second day of closed-door talks Tuesday in Cuba.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) declared a two-month ceasefire on the first day of the Havana talks Monday in an optimistic sign for the latest effort to end Latin America's longest-running insurgency.

"We are progressing at a good pace, on a good path, making sure that the people are fully participating in this process of building peace," FARC commander Jesus Santrich said as he arrived at the talks.

The Colombian government delegation, led by former vice president Humberto de la Calle, entered the convention center where the talks are being held without talking to reporters.

Negotiations were formally launched in Oslo on October 18 in a bid to end a half-century-old conflict that has left 600,000 people dead and displaced four million more.

The last bid to forge a peaceful resolution ended in failure a decade ago.

The government of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said it will continue operations against the rebels until a comprehensive deal is reached.

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