Dubai ‘sexpat’ pleads with judges not to send her to jail

A British female expat who was sentenced to three months in jail in Dubai for allegedly having sex in the back of a taxi has begged judges not to sent her to prison, British daily paper The Sun reported.

“I’ve learned my lesson. The thought of going to jail makes me want to cry,” Rebecca Blake, 29, told The Sun.

The recruitment consultant was arrested earlier this year after a taxi driver told police that he reportedly saw her partially stripped and getting intimate with an Irish man at the back seat of his car.

The incident took place after the couple spent a 10-hour drinking binge. Blake admitted being drunk at the time but denied having sex while inside the taxi, The Sun reported.

She was sentenced to three months in jail but is currently out on bail.

“Jail is horrible. No one speaks English and you’re not allowed books. You just sit there,” she told The Sun of her experience while in custody for few days before she was bailed out.

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