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Saudi stunt duo change wheels on car while 'skiing'

If you think you’re good at changing a wheel on your car, think again. Ever tried doing it while the vehicle is travelling on two wheels?

In this shocking video, currently making the rounds on YouTube, a white Hyundai is seen driving along what is claimed to be a Saudi highway, on two wheels – a process known as skiing -  while a man leans out of the passenger side door and changes a wheel.

But not content with performing this once, the video, entitled Prohibited Talent, shows the man, wearing traditional Saudi clothes, changing all four wheels.

Already hundreds of thousands of people have watched this death-defying act. The video is impressive, but we suggest you stick to the conventional method next time you get a flat tire.

Now watch the video:

YouTube video: Prohibited Talent, posted by Khaled AL-Humeidan

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