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Psy to change song title over fears it may offend Arabs

South-Korean rapper Psy is now playing it safe.

The singer, who became a worldwide sensation after his song 'Gangnam Style' went viral, has decided to rename his new track, originally titled "Assarabia", over worries it could offend Arabs.

The title for the song, which can be written as ‘Assarabia’ or ‘Assaravia’ in English, is slang used by South Koreans to express excitement. While it suggests no ethnicity or body part, worries have arisen that Arabs might find it derogatory, local daily 7Days reported.


The singer announced the change in a post on his profile on South Korean social media website me2day.

"As I told yesterday, I will be giving a bit of change to 'Assarabia'. 'Assarabia' is one of the two title track candidates. The title and lyrics will be changed. I thought the articles did not deliver my message clearly, so I'll make it more clear. The title will change, and 'Assarabia' is only a candidate yet. I'll be releasing more hints or teasers as soon as things get decided," the post read.

This is not the first time Psy’s lyrics have made headlines. Following the massive success of 'Gangnam Style', he came under fire for an earlier track that allegedly featured anti-American lyrics.  

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