iPhone 5 from UAE Apple store sold cheaper

The 971 Report
December 16, 2012

iPhone 5 is now available at the Apple online store in the UAE and is priced cheaper than the ones offered by Etisalat and du.

A 16 GB phone at the iStore costs AED2,599 ($708), while the same model from Etisalat and du will cost you AED150 ($40.8) more, local website Emirates 24/7 reported on Sunday. 

Apple has also priced its other iPhone 5 models at a cheaper rate. Customers can buy a 32 GB and 64 GB phone for AED 2,999 ($816.6)and AED3,399 ($925.5) respectively. The price is AED200 ($54.4) less compared to the rates offered by Etisalat and du, the report said. 

Electronic stores that were selling the iPhone 5 at a premium, charging almost 75% more compared to the current price, immediately started slashing their prices.

According to the report, a leading electronic store, which was selling a 16GB model for AED4,699 ($1,279) reduced it by about AED700 ($190.60), soon after the launch in iStore.