Heavy rain causes flooding in UAE

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November 30, 2012
UAE rain.
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UAE rain.

Several parts of Dubai and Sharjah were flooded following overnight rain. The rain started on Thursday evening and continues in most parts of the UAE.

People were seen struggling through water ponds and flooded streets in Sharjah and Dubai, as well as in Bur Dubai and Garhoud. A number of motor accidents have been reported in many places in the Emirates leading to heavy traffic blocks.

Maysa Lazzaik, a resident of the Arabian Ranches, said, "It was sunny enough to have the roof down on my car then a couple of hours later there was a torrential downpour, really loud thunder and lightning.

"The road outside flooded so fast it was like driving through a lake. My car nearly died in the middle of a particularly big puddle then it had an engine failure and has lost power. People are driving like crazy - too close, too fast. Best to stay off the highways for now."

The Dubai rain was trending on Twitter with users as the rain continued all over the Emirates.

“Trying to get home from Dubai mall we passed 4 cars broke down #dubairain,” said user @isparklefairy. Adding, “please slow down & drive safe.”

“It hasn't rained in years in Dubai and now the sky looks like it's preparing one hell of a thunder storm!,” said user @DiWassef.

“Heavy rains, thunder, lightning, flooded streets... it's insane...#UnforseenWeather #Dubai <3 <3,” said user @Sugar__Highness.

The National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) office have forecast rain for tomorrow in different parts of the UAE.

According to the NCMS forecast, it will be, “cloudy weather in general and the cloud amount will increase over different areas associated with some towering clouds with a chance of scattered rain. The wind will  continue to be moderate to fresh, especially over the sea. The sea will be rough in general.”

The UAE’s Roads and Transport Authority have advised motorists to drive slowly and cautiously during the rainy season.