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Hapless burglars steal just AED 40 in Abu Dhabi heist

A carefully planned break-in at an Abu Dhabi money exchange proved to be a major fiasco for the hapless burglars who could steal just AED 40, local daily 7Days reported on Thursday.

The gang of thieves from Afghanistan used a bolt cutter to break open the front door of the money exchange and managed to steal just AED 40 as the alarms went off.

By the time the cops arrived at the exchange in Musaffah industrial area two of the men fled but the third was arrested at the scene, the report said.

The three raiders were unmasked and clearly visible on security camera footage, the Abu Dhabi prosecutor's office were told.

The detained burglar confessed to the heist and the police are still searching for the two men at large, the report said. 

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