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Dubai police bans car parades for National Day

Dubai police have banned car parades, a popular way in which Emiratis enjoy celebrating the National Day, UAE daily The National reported on Thursday.

Drivers taking part in a parade will have their vehicles confiscated for up to eight hours.

The ban is aimed at preventing an annual frenzy of reckless driving and dangerous, illegal stunts, the daily reported citing the Dubai police.

"These parades have become an excuse to carry out unacceptable behaviour and create chaos on the roads," Maj Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, head of Dubai Police traffic department was quoted as saying.

"Authorities will not license any car parade to celebrate National Day. We invite people to celebrate in other ways. They can have marching parades - but driving cars is completely banned."

Last year, Dubai Police fined 1,245 drivers and confiscated about 1,000 vehicles for creating chaos during the two-day holiday. There were 24 accidents during that time, and one death, the report said.

"The ban will be applied on everyone - individuals, companies and government entities," Al Zaffin said.

Those caught driving recklessly on National Day will have their vehicles impounded for up to six months, the report added.

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