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Dubai maid accused of urinating in boss' tea claims it was a secret potion

A Dubai maid on trial for urinating in her employer's cup of tea has denied the act, claiming it was actually a secret potion.

The 35-year-old Indonesian woman admitted a charge of endangering the family's lives, but said she only hoped to win their affection by tampering with the drinks, UAE daily 7Days reported.

The maid was arrested in March after her 34-year-old Emirati boss detected a foul smell in his tea and called the police.

He had asked the maid to make him some tea at his home in Al Barsha, 7Days said.

“After 30 minutes she came with the tea, but before I drank it I smelled something nasty, like urine,” he said. “I asked her about the smell and she was confused and scared so I called the police.”

The maid claimed an acquaintance gave her the liquid.

“She told me to put it in the tea and serve it to my boss and the family would treat me well and even give me a pay rise,” she said in a statement. “I just wanted them to treat me well and wasn’t intending to endanger their lives. It’s first time I did such thing [sic].”

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours is expected to rule on the case next week.

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