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  • Dwayne Johnson knows a thing or two about what it takes to generate interest on a microphone. It's one of the reasons he is captivated by UFC featherweight title contender Conor McGregor.

    In July, McGregor, one of the UFC’s hottest prospects, takes on divisional king Jose Aldo at UFC 189 in Las Vegas. McGregor has built his rise on devastating performances inside the cage and wild media snippets outside of it.

    Johnson, admittedly, loves watching a good fight, but it’s McGregor’s ability to generate buzz and create emotion that has one of Hollywood’s biggest stars seeing a lot of himself in the Irish upstart. Conor McGregor isn't shy about his skills heading into UFC 189. (AP) Conor McGregor isn't shy about his skills heading into UFC 189. (AP)

    "I love that guy," Johnson said in a recent interview. "What I love about Conor is the same thing, by the way, what I love about Aldo. With Aldo, there’s a quiet confidence. In Conor, the confidence is not quiet.

    "It reminds me of how I was in the WWE, man. I was bold, talking [expletive] and there was nothing I wouldn’t say … obviously in the WWE it’s a work. It’s not real, we

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  • Brazilian bantamweight Bethe Correia caused quite a stir Tuesday when she said that she hopes Ronda Rousey doesn’t ‘kill herself’ after their UFC 190 title tilt on Aug. 1.

    That comment, alone, could be looked at as a bit of a promotional snafu, even without any prior context. However, when you take into account that Rousey’s father killed himself when she was just 8, then the barb takes on a whole new level of disrespect.

    Many wondered if Rousey would even take the time to address the comment. It was undoubtedly in very poor taste, and no one would have held it against her if she just let the comment fall to the wayside.

    Then again, that isn’t Ronda Rousey’s style.

    Earlier today, Rousey took to social media to address Correia’s shortsighted comments.

    It didn’t take long for Correia to issue a very formal, and very

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  • Ronda Rousey must have known when she wrote her autobiographical tell-all "My Fight/Your Fight" that her fans and contemporaries would be given a glimpse into her life’s journey that otherwise would have remained shrouded in mystery.

    Rousey documents her rise to MMA superstardom, her desires and fears as an early 20-something Olympic hopeful, and all the bumps in the road along the way.

    One particularly stunning revelation that “Rowdy” makes in her book is that after her Olympic run in 2008, Rousey became addicted to painkillers and alcohol. The period of her life even saw Rousey living out of her car at different points.

    The personal nature of her book is a great way for fans to learn more about the superstar fighter who finishes her foes in mere seconds. It is also a way for her future opponents to learn more about the champ, and if they so choose, use her openness in print to try to get inside her head.

    Rousey’s next opponent, Brazilian Bethe Correia, hasn’t pulled any proverbial

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    Grandstanding: A Yahoo Sports podcast
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    "The world is corrupt, and FIFA represents the world."

    That's Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel writing on the surprising Wednesday morning arrests of multiple high-level FIFA officials, and he's here on the podcast to talk in more detail. Wetzel has covered two World Cups, and he answers multiple pressing questions about the ongoing corruption scandal, including:

    • How worried should FIFA be, and why wasn't FIFA president Sepp Blatter charged?

    • Will FIFA move the 2018 and 2022 World Cups from Russia and Qatar?

    • How might this affect the United States' 2026 World Cup bid?

    • What's the difference in levels (and style!) of corruption between the Olympics and the World Cup?

    • Will the human rights violations in Qatar spur any kind of action prior to 2022?

    Get up to speed with the entire FIFA scandal right here.

    Thanks for listening to the Grandstanding podcast with Jay Busbee and Kevin Kaduk. Hit us up on Twitter (

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  • LAS VEGAS – For being a former UFC heavyweight champion in the midst of an unlikely career resurgence, Andrei Arlovski's nonchalant approach toward redemption is kind of refreshing.

    "One step at a time," said the 36-year-old after a rousing first-round knockout of former teammate Travis Browne at UFC 187. "Obviously, in the future I want to be a champion. But sooner or later, it doesn't really matter. I can be in line like the other heavyweights, so I'm good. I still have few more years in the UFC."

    Andrei Arlovski (R) and Travis Browne trade blows during their heavyweight fight. (AP)Andrei Arlovski (R) and Travis Browne trade blows during their heavyweight fight. (AP)

    Grinning from ear to ear after the fight, the victorious Belarusian was understandably pleased with his performance against Browne. It was not only one of the greatest rounds in heavyweight history – it the early frontrunner for Fight of the Year, and it marked his third consecutive victory since returning to the UFC in June 2014 after nearly six years away from the place where he first became a world champion.

    Arlovski reigned as UFC heavyweight champion from Feb. 2005 to April 2006. With

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  • Daniel Cormier celebrates in the post-fight press conference after winning the UFC light heavyweight title. (Getty)Daniel Cormier celebrates in the post-fight press conference after winning the UFC light heavyweight title. (Getty)LAS VEGAS - Arnold Schwarzenegger knows a thing or two about what it takes to become a champion. The seven-time Mr. Olympia, Austrian-born immigrant used his ridiculous size to muscle one of the most successful careers in Hollywood history.

    And he governed a state in America for a little while, too – a pretty big one too from our recollection.

    The Hollywood legend was on hand Saturday for UFC 187 to witness one of the best fight cards in recent memory, and to congratulate the various athletes on their performances.

    The highlight of the night came when Schwarzenegger interrupted a backstage interview with newly minted light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier fresh off his third-round submission victory over Anthony Johnson.

    Cormier has made it no secret he loves his post-fight Popeye's and his downhome Louisiana soul food. So, consequently, he carries a reputation for being a thicker-than-average light heavyweight. Schwarzenegger, being a vocal fan of the sport, showered "DC" with

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  • LAS VEGAS – UFC flyweight Joseph Benavidez is in fighter purgatory. He is, by all accounts, one of the 125-pound division’s very best talents and is 10-2 in his last 12 fights.

    The problem is, those two losses came against champion Demetrious Johnson.Joseph Benavidez celebrates after defeating John Moraga at UFC 187. (AP)Joseph Benavidez celebrates after defeating John Moraga at UFC 187. (AP)

    After a wildly entertaining unanimous decision victory over John Moraga at UFC 187 on Saturday, Benavidez – the No. 2 ranked challenger in the division – inched that much closer to a third fight with Mighty Mouse.

    Unfortunately, given Benavidez’s two performances against the champ – the last coming in 2013 via devastating first-round knockout – there aren’t that many people banging down the doors at UFC HQ demanding to see that trilogy.

    And Joe Benavidez gets that.

    “Well, I’m a realist,” admitted Benavidez at the UFC 187 post-fight press conference, “so, I know that logically it doesn’t make sense for me to go for the title right away. I believe in my skill 100 percent, that I can go out there and beat Demetrious Johnson and give him the

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  • Donald Cerrone lands a kick to John Makdessi that ended their fight. (AP)Donald Cerrone lands a kick to John Makdessi that ended their fight. (AP)LAS VEGAS – Donald Cerrone assured anyone and everyone who would listen that he wasn’t taking his UFC 187 late-replacement bout against John Makdessi lightly.

    If Makdessi’s broken jaw is any indication of Cerrone’s desire, then “not taking it lightly” may just be the understatement of the year.

    Cerrone dissected Makdessi with kicks to the legs and body for the entirety of their bout. When it was time for the “Cowboy” to send his fans home happy, at 4:44 of Round 2 to be exact, he went high with a kick to Makdessi’s jaw, breaking it. His opponent quickly retreated, waving off the action as Cerrone closed in for the finish.

    “I think I might finally get this title shot by default, huh?” Cerrone said post-fight after his eighth consecutive victory inside the Octagon. “I’m upset with my performance, but I always am. I don’t know what’s next. My manager probably won’t let me take another fight before I get a title shot so I guess we’ll just wait and see.”

    The win marked Cerrone’s sixth

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  • Andrei Arlovski (R) and Travis Browne trade blows at UFC 187. (AP)Andrei Arlovski (R) and Travis Browne trade blows at UFC 187. (AP)

    LAS VEGAS – For being former roommates, Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne fought like bitter enemies on Saturday night at UFC 187. The fight didn’t even make it out of the first round as former heavyweight champion Arlovski scored a first-round TKO over Browne and took one step closer to a career resurgence that just a few years prior seemed unthinkable.

    Arlovski has now rattled off three consecutive victories since his return to the UFC, toppling foes Brendan Schaub, Antonio “Bigfoot” Sivla, and now his former teammate at Jackson-Winklejohn in Browne.

    In what many will remember as one of the most action-packed rounds in heavyweight history, both fighters exchanged powerful flurries from the pocket. Arlovski kicked off the action, pressuring Browne against the cage and landing accurate power combos as Browne found himself on wobbly legs.

    Midway through the opening round Browne mustered a thudding shot of his own that floored Arlovski, but the 36 year old found his composure and rose

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  • UFC president Dana White went on Jim Rome's show on Wednesday to discuss UFC 187 and all things MMA. Since Saturday's event was supposed to feature Jon Jones, the promotion's struggling star was a natural part of the conversation.

    Jones, of course, was slated to meet Anthony Johnson in the event. But after being arrested for an alleged hit-and-run in late April, the UFC stripped Jones of his light heavyweight title and suspended him indefinitely.(Getty)(Getty)

    Now Johnson faces Daniel Cormier at UFC 187 for the vacant title and questions surround the division as to just what exactly the UFC has in store for Jones if and when he ever returns to the Octagon.

    But there's no speculation necessary as far as White and the UFC are concerned. If the pound-for-pound king returns, he will bypass any other would-be contenders and receive an immediate title shot.

    “No way. He comes right back and fights for the title,” White said. "After all, Jones is one of, if not the greatest fighter to ever live. And with

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