Asians top list of victims of pedestrian deaths in UAE

Statistics have revealed that 96 pedestrians were killed in car accidents across the UAE during the first nine months of 2012.
The figures were issued on Sunday by the Ministry of Interior. They also showed that 565 other pedestrians were injured in car crashes.

The stats also revealed that the majority of the accident victims were Asians - 58 were killed while 328 were injured. Officers said 11 Emiratis died and 46 were injured, while 15 other Arabs died and 126 were hurt in the accidents.
Authorities said many of the accidents were caused by motorists driving at excessive speed, jumping red lights, people crossing at undesig¬nated areas, motorists not giving priority to pedestrians and drivers’ negligence.
Traffic officials said 299 Asian drivers were also reported for causing the accidents that involved hitting pedestrians.
“Run over accidents are the most dangerous as they lead to a high death toll,” said Brigadier Gaith Al Zaabi, the director of the traffic coordination section at the Ministry of Interior.
Al Zaabi said the traffic authorities in the UAE are working tirelessly to prevent such accidents by educating people on the need to abide by traffic laws.
“Motorists should drive within the acceptable speed limits and stop jumping red lights,” he added. Al Zaabi also urged people to use pedestrian crossings and bridges.
The authorities did not reveal the figures but said there had been a decrease in the number of pedestrian accidents, especially in the city in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
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