Armed robbers caught after stealing AED 1 million from Dubai exchange

Two armed robbers burst into a money exchange in Dubai and stole AED 1 million ($272,243) in broad daylight, before being nabbed by police the same day, UAE daily The National reported.

The brazen robbery took place at Redha Al Ansari Exchange in Dubai's Motor City at 2pm on Sunday.

One of the men pointed a pistol at the terrified staff while the other emptied the exchange tills and a bag containing foreign currency, the report said.

Police were alerted within minutes of the crime and were able to track down the suspects in two hours to their Bur Dubai hideout.

“They were about to celebrate their victory – they did not know that they had been tracked,” Lt Col Ahmed Al Merri of Dubai Police's criminal investigations department said.

Police arrested the two men, who are of Arab origin but with European passports, and held them for questioning. One of them has a criminal record in Europe and police believe he came to Dubai for the sole purpose of committing the robbery, the report said.

“The two men did the robbery in a professional way, it lasted just 30 seconds,” Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, head of CID, was quoted as saying in Dubai newspaper 7Days.

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