A football foul led to car drama in Abu Dhabi

An amateur sportsman allegedly tried to run over his colleague with his car after an argument during a football match.
Abu Dhabi Criminal Court was told yesterday the Tunisian defendant and the Emirati victim were playing football along with 16 other youths on a small football pitch in Abu Dhabi.

The pair, who were playing on opposing sides started arguing over a foul committed by one of them. Prosecutors said the angry Tunisian walked off the pitch before the game ended and returned with a car, which he parked near the pitch.
After the game, the defendant approached the Emirati victim to speak with him. The man allegedly returned to his car and drove towards the victim at a high speed. β€œHe wanted to hit me with the car but I managed to run away,” the Emirati said in court yesterday. β€œI sustained injuries when I jumped and fell on the ground as I tried to avoid being knocked down by the defendant.”

The victim told court the defendant slapped him twice during their quarrel as they argued over his play.

Prosecutors charged the Tunisian with attempted murder.

The man denied the charge when he appeared in court yesterday. The court was adjourned to a later date to hear from witnesses.

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